Why Is It Called ‘Platypus & Batty’?

Well, as most parents and carers of children with autism know, our children can very attached to their favourite objects, toys or peculiar items. They also tend to have obsessions which may vary over the years or just mature as the child grows up: one of my friends was an avid Thomas The Tank Engine fan growing up…he’s now 31 and has an extensive model railway collection and regularly spends the day at stations watching the old steam trains. The trains have just grown with him!


Both of my boys love animals, and have done from an early age. James’ favourites are platypuses and bats, Max’s favourites are tortoises. They both have very precious soft toys of these animals, who are treated like family members. My eldest, in particular, is very attached to his and in his mind, they are actual living people.

As the blog is mainly centred on caring for children with ASD, we decided to go for Platypus and Batty as the name. Originally, it was going to be Platy and Batty as that what they are named, but I thought that might be a tad confusing as a platy is also a type of fish.

The tortoise will be making regular special appearances though, so keep an eye out for him!

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